Thursday, November 27, 2014

[Jam Sesh] with Alvin and Annalena - Hit The Road Jack

Alvin is an avid jazz guitar player, and although he had to make do with an acoustic guitar here in Germany, his style and skill level are ace. He met Annalena, an orchestra sax player, through a musician-search website, and he invited me to their jam sesssion three weeks ago after he learned that the room they are renting has a piano in it.

The first jam sesh was definitely a musical ice-breaker. We all had different musical styles, as Annalena was more used to playing in an orchestra, Alvin was already at a semi-professional level with his band back in Vancouver, and I was just some guy that knows a few songs on the piano.

So this was our third week jamming together, and I admit, we sound pretty good!

The easiest song to play was Hit the Road Jack, as it essentially repeats 4 chords throughout the entire song. The room for improvisation is vast, for all the instruments involved :P

Here's a video! (Annalena and Alvin were camera shy :))
*Alvin actually broke a string on the guitar during this song :)

The sax solo starts at 1:22, guitar solo at 3:11, and piano solo at 4:14

I feel like I have a LOT to improve on my improv :$

Enjoy! :3

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