Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas Market in Hannover (Part 1)

For Germans, Oktoberfest and Christmas are two of the biggest celebrated events of the year. Even a month before Christmas, the markets open up in big cities and offer the citizens with delish xmas treats and warm wine. Despite the -4 degree Celsius weather, Alvin, Philip, Kinan and I decided to check out the market :3 Even with frozen toes we were able to enjoy it.

This huge rotating nut-crackerish fan(?) greeted us as we got out of the downtown tram station

 From left: Philip, Alvin, and Kinan (aka Teenager)


We ate so much!

Three things you MUST try at the market are: Gl├╝hwein (Mulled wine), Kartoffelpuffer (fried potato pancake) with apple sauce, and Mandeln (fried almonds with sugar and spice coating)

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