Friday, April 17, 2015

UBC Course Review: EECE 360

Course: EECE 360
Topic: Systems and Control
Term: 2015W
Professor: Dr. Z. Jane Wang

Pre-reqs: EECE 202 or EECE 253 (Circuit Analysis II)

This was one of the core courses for engineering physics at UBC that I found most enjoyable and directly applicable. We got to learn about feedback system design, state-space analysis, root-locus method and frequency domain controller design. Course notes (ppt slide sets) were very useful in the beginning but lacked information for later chapters (especially for phase lead/lag design). Class attendance was decent (>50%), and most lectures consisted of ~20% theory explanations and 80% solving example problems. There were 5 major homework sets, due bi-weekly. Each took about 3 to 5 hours to complete, except for the "MATLAB assignment" which took about 8+ hours.

Overall, I would give the course 4.5 bode plots out of 5.

Disclaimer: These course reviews reflect my own personal views, which may differ from those of everyone else :o

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